• About VIP International Security Services

    VIP International Security Services is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2004, VIP International Security Services believes that authentic security challenges require genuine security solutions by skillful professionals. We provide security consultations and highly trained professional security guards for various events ranging from concerts to schools and jewelry to close protection.

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  • What We really Provide !

    We provide professional security and courtesy officer services to businesses, property managers, corporations, corporate executives, VIP’s, homes, private citizens, and more. Special training combined with extensive experience is what truly makes effective security work as expected by our clients. 

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  • How We can Help You ?

    Our  key to this is understanding the bigger picture.  We draw on our global resources in logistics, technology, risk consultancy and project management and our experience of managing the world’s largest force of security personnel in diverse regulatory environments across All around the UAE, to create security solutions which deliver more than the sum of their individual parts.

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  • What is Our Mission ?

    Our mission is to give our clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything that can reasonably be done to safeguard their people, premises and property is being done. We believe that real security challenges require real security solutions by competent professionals.

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Our experience and expertise is at your service to provide an outstanding quality services, state of the art Security, Facilities Management and our customized Consultation to client’s who value efficient professional Services. 




VIP International Security Services are known and respected for having sophisticated, high class and elite protective services. Our team of both male and female close protection officers are Discreet and Professional with a substantial amount of UAE experience.

All of the Agents have previous experience in protecting Sheikhs, Sheikhas, Foreign Dignitaries, Celebrities and Business Individuals. Our close protection officers are well trained in Threat and Risk Assessments accompanied by Close Protection Protocol and Etiquette. Each close protection officer can manage verbal and physical conflict without damaging their client’s name.

VIP International Security Services are able to provide a fully trained and qualified team Female only Close Protection Officers.


Our Close Protection Agents have experience in providing protection for European Jewellery Houses conducting business within the Gulf Region.

They are well trained in providing a secure environment in and around Jewellery Boutiques and Jewellery Events. A discreet service of international jewellery escorting may be conducted upon request.


VIP International Security Services can provide vetted guards to protect your home, property or premises whilst you are at work, away on holiday or business. This may be based on a 24 hour basis or given hours suitable for your needs.

This service is unique for individuals who leave their domiciles un-attended for noticeable periods of time.

We believe that authentic security challenges requires genuine Security Solutions by skillful professionals. When YOU are ready to explore the difference between an “Average Security Company” and genuine security from VIP International Security Services, Please call us for a Confidential Consultation.


VIP International Security Services work closely with Film makers within the UAE to ensure the safety of both cast and crew on film sets. Our guards will ensure all Film Equipment are protected and all crowds are controlled. Guards may be requested to continue their duty for the Wrap party.

VIP International Security Services offer a unique service to the TV and Film industry by providing exceptional quality location security personnel to ensure the safety of your crew, equipment and the privacy and integrity of your production.

Upon exchanging contracts, one of our senior managers will act as your contact and will conduct job specific risk assessments and location security surveys which help them, and ultimately help you, to produce a detailed report recommending various levels of set security and what measures need to be taken to achieve them.


VIP International Security Services provides security for music concerts as well as public, corporate and private events. We co-ordinate and work closely with event organisers and government agencies to implement all aspects of security relating to the above mentioned service. Our proven track record allows us to take care of event planning and organization, to crowd control and safety management.

VIP International Security Services is persistently emerging long-standing relationships with clients from all walks of the events industry based on mutual respect and our aim to produce the best possible event security service. Our bespoke security services are accomplished through listening attentively to a wide array of priorities, while staying attuned to industry trends and embracing new technology and techniques to progressively improve our standards, along with those of our clients.


Car parks are a major target for both vandals and thieves, with the cars themselves or the contents being stolen on a regular basis. We have created a unique Car Park service for residential areas and events.

We are experienced in assisting event organizers with Valet Parking assistants and Traffic Management at Events and Concerts. Our Valet Parking service may also be conducted at Hotels and Shopping Malls.

VIP International Security Services will preserve the security and protection of its clients’ personnel, operations, and facilities by effectively anticipating and meeting present and future security threats. VIP International Security Services will continue its longstanding tradition of maintaining a high level of professionalism, dedication to clients, and ongoing development of innovative and cost effective solutions.


Doormen and bouncers in entertainment clubs, nightclubs and lounge bars are a necessity in modern times and in a litigious society, it can be beneficial to protect your interests.

Our Professional Team of Nightclub Security will ensure the safety of both the club and customers keeping underage, intoxicated, aggressive and otherwise disqualified individuals from entering the establishment. VIP International Security Services will provide the establishment with a Security Supervisor who will oversee the security for the club.


Because VIP International Security Services are a customer focused service driven company, we have established a Professional and Experienced Female only Security Team. The Team’s services include, but are not limited to:

  • Close Protection for Women and Children
  • Jewellery Protection
  • Wedding Reception Security.